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Dear Dr. Shulman,

For as long as I can remember, I was afraid of the dentist. My usual visits to the dentist were for emergencies; an abscess, severe toothache or a much needed filling. I was loosing a tooth here and there and my smile was always with my lips sealed or my hand covering my mouth.

Family photos with my daughters and wife never revealed teeth and as my teeth, or lack of teeth worsened, my self consciousness reached its peak.

I saw commercials about implants and I started to do research. In January of 2006, I had my first consultation with you. My wife encouraged me to make the commitment to finally restore my teeth and smile.

My daughters’ wedding day was May 11th and for the first time in over 25 years, I laughed freely and smiled as the photographer did his job and I was truly in the moment and enjoyed myself without being self-conscious.

I’d like to thank you Dr. Shulman, for your expertise and for the friendliness and professionalism of you and your staff. The kindness, understanding and just being nice people helped me persevere.


Mike Diringer

Dear Doctor Shulman and Staff,

I wanted to send you a letter to express my gratitude for the wonderful job you performed on my teeth. I like many people had a dental phobia that would not allow me the courage to see a dentist unless I had pain that mostly required tooth extraction. Every time I would go to the dentist in these times of need, I would hear the same remarks, “Oh my you know your teeth need a major cleaning and x-rays to determine if you have cavities.” I would always agree and go thru the process only to never see that particular dentist ever again. Because of this constant denial and ostrich treatment I lived with, my my teeth continued to deteriorate and caused me to feel inferior in many situations. At family functions I would try not to smile to broadly as to create a reason for people to look at my teeth. In situations that made me feel uncomfortable, while in the company of others, I would simply leave. My wife would try to talk to me about it and I would not follow thru on any “solution” we thought would be appropriate. I know family, friends and work colleagues had opinions about my teeth and it ate at me constantly. This became an obsession for me, this feeling that no matter what I said or how important the issue, everybody in the room was looking at my teeth. I lost sleep because of it, it affected my job, it affected my closest relationships because I was simply ashamed of what I allowed to happen to my teeth. I sat in my basement going thru website after website because I came to the conclusion that something, anything had to be better than living with this shame. I found three dentists that I thought were possible “solutions” to my dilemma and I scheduled appointments with all of them. Putting aside my feelings for being scolded by various people I never met before, I went to all three appointments. As expected each dentist gave me “solutions” after a very brief visit and was very adamant that I schedule my next appointment immediately before I leave the office and get this problem solved now. You however, Dr. Shulman were very realistic and honest after my visit to your office. We sat and discussed options, you promised nothing except your best and we discussed my fear of pain that put me in this position in the first place. I felt comfortable immediately and did in fact schedule a major cleaning before I left your office, not because you told me it had to be done, but because I knew and felt like you were the guy to help me move towards my goal of solving this problem. That was May of 2008 when this began and has included many visits and consultations to determine my personal best solution. I decided that a porcelain bridge to correct my smile was the appropriate fix for me. I told you my son was going to graduate from school in June and you told me that while the job will not be completed that quickly, I could rest assured that a temporary fix would be in place before then. I cannot explain to you in words how wonderful it felt to me at that party when as promised my temporary bridge was in place and my self confidence was also in place. It took many months and many visits to complete this process. But there are no words to express my gratitude to you and your unbelievable staff for having changed my life with something as simple as a smile.

You are my Dentist for life and I also count all of you as my friends. You are the most incredible staff I could have hoped to have met. It was truly a lucky day for me when I found you on the web!!!


Tom Benefeld

Dear Dr. Shulman

I just wanted to say that dental sedation has been a great experience for me. I have had a fear of going to the dentist for many years. I would just get nervous at the thoughts of even making an appointment. Since I have found Dr. Shulman, I now am over my fear. The experience was very pleasant and he and his staff made me feel so comfortable. I have had eight hours of dental work done under sedation at two seperate times and each time passed by so quickly. I am very pleased with all the work that was done. I still have a long way to go, since I let things get so bad, but I now know that I found a dentist that I could trust and feel very comfortable and confident with him and his wonderful staff.

I would like to thank everyone for being patient with me and taking the time to make me feel at home. I would highly recommend your services to all my friends and family. Thank you agian for understanding my fears and putting them to rest.

Thank You Dear Dr. Shulman:

I just would like to take a minute and say thank you for a job well done.

You are the first dentist including your staff that took away all my fear and concerns that I had about visiting the dentist.

I have been in this country for 30 plus years, and visited about 6 dentists all together. I stopped going, because it always ended up in a nightmare. Mostly because I did not speak English too well and I trusted that the dentist knew his trade. A lot of my teeth were removed; I had three root canals on one tooth, and a batch of partials that didn’t fit.

It was not until I found your office on the internet, I just could not believe how kind and professional you and your staff were. You listened to my wishes and fears, and understood just how much I would like to be able to chew my food properly and smile once again.

During my treatments for dental implants, you and your staff never once got impatient with me. You even provided me with pillows and breaks for my back and neck problems. Your state of the art office environment, your incredible staff and your expertise turned me into a lifetime patient. I never thought this could happen to me.

The only way I can show you how grateful I am is to recommend you to as many people that I can. I hope you will give me permission to mention this in a short letter in the “Northeast Times.”

Thank you and your great staff,

Ellen Savage

Dear Dr. Drew,

Thank you for putting a smile on my face (literally). I am impressed with the outcome of my treatment. You are a fabulous dentist, compassionate and very talented. Your family is blessed to have you. I thank God that you are a perfectionist. I know I received the very best care. I appreciate you taking time with my case. I felt cared for by you and your staff. My treatment and my new smile exceeded my expectations. When I meet people looking for a dental care, I will send them to you. I hope for you the best life can offer.


Michelle Everett

Dear Dr. Shulman,

I just wanted to drop a line to thank you for all that you have done to make me “whole” again.

A few months ago I would never have imagined that a process was available that would restore my ability to eat and enjoy anything of my choosing with no discomfort at all, and that the end result would be an appearance so natural as to be virtually indistinguishable from my original teeth.

Dental implants have literally changed my life. I have regained my winning smile and the confidence that goes with it. And, as alluded to before, I can tear into the crustiest bread or the thickest steak with no problem whatsoever.

I should mention too that the entire procedure, form start to finish, was absolutely pain free; a fact that astounds everyone I talk to.

Finally, I just want to add that you and your entire staff are among the friendliest and most courteous people that I have ever encountered in all my 62 years. You make dental care a walk in the park.

Very truly yours,

Bob Leonardo

Dr. Shulman and Staff,

I would just like to thank everyone for being so patient and kind to me. I never leave your office feeling bad. If anything, I always leave smiling. There should be more doctor offices like yours. You and your staff know how to make someone feel at ease. Well, thank you again for all the great care.


Lisa Breeding

Dear Dr. Shulman & Staff,

Dr Shulman, you and your team are EXCEPTIONAL! Not only do you go over and above what anyone could ever expect, the compassion, thoughtfulness, and support that is displayed is extremely unique.

The kindness and warmth that was expressed by all of you during my sedation made our dental experiece more then what we could have ever anticipated.

We are so fortunate to have found you. Thank you so much for the best dental experience we have ever encountered.

Dear Dr. Shulman,

Thank you for providing excellent dental care to me and my family!

But most of all, thank you for all of the personal sacrifices you have make to become the caring and competent health care professional that you are. I for one am grateful.


Marie Ann Fitti

Dear Dr. Drew and Staff,

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!

I love my beautiful smile! All your knowledge and special care gave me total confidence in having you all put your fingers into my mouth. The results are wonderful!

Thank you!!! You are all fantastic!

Much Appreciation,

Rosey Oringer

Dear Dr Shulman,

Many thanks to you and your staff for restoring my dental health. As a retired research scientist, I admired the fact that several dental specialties were practiced at your office. My patience was rewarded when a friend said "You have an unbelievable smile." Whatever the procedure was, I never had discomfort during or after my visit.

Thanks Again,

Sam Serota

Dr. Shulman,

I’d like to thank you for all the work you’ve done with my teeth. Special thanks for the crowns. They look and feel great!! Also you have very good and helpful people working for you!

Thank You Doctor,

Christina Zalite

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