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Missing Teeth Philadelphia, PA

Are you missing one or more teeth?

Stop hiding your smile because of a missing tooth or teeth. Restore your confidence by replacing missing teeth. Replacing missing teeth is not only an aesthetic choice but a choice that improves the form and function of remaining teeth and gums. Gaps left by missing teeth can harm the bone health and structure of the mouth if they are not filled.

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Why Replace Missing Teeth?

If one or more teeth are missing for a long period of time, oral health can begin to deteriorate. Some problems that arise due to missing teeth are as follows:

  • Shifting Teeth
  • Crooked Teeth
  • Difficulty Chewing
  • Bone Loss
  • Facial Sagging

Whether your missing teeth stem from injury, decay, or disease, there are multiple professional treatment solutions that restore teeth and improve oral health.

Restorative Treatments for Missing Teeth

Dr. Drew Shulman provides patients with multiple options for replacing missing teeth. Before choosing a restorative treatment, Dr. Shulman will assess your oral health and review your budget and goals with you. Once a treatment is found that aligns with your health, budget, and goals, treatment preparation can begin. Some restorative options include:

Dental Implants

Dental implants act as tooth roots for missing teeth. Constructed from titanium posts, implants are a durable solution that fuses to bone tissue over time. After fusing, the posts are topped with abutments and dental crowns. Many patients may even forget that they have dental implants because they look and feel like natural teeth.

Dental Bridges

For one or several consecutive missing teeth, dental bridges are a great choice. Dental bridges not only look natural but can be a sturdy replacement option with the help of dental implants. Dental implants secure bridges in place for long-lasting results.


If you are missing your upper or lower arch of teeth, modern and affordable dentures may be the right solution for you. Like dental bridges, dentures can be secured with dental implants for a permanent restoration.

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Replace missing teeth today for your future oral health. Restore your smile and confidence with long-lasting professional treatments. Call Dr. Shulman at his Philadelphia office at (215) 372-1142.