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Custom Mouthguard Philadelphia, PA

Dr. Drew Shulman offers custom-made sports mouthguards in Northeast Philadelphia, PA.

The American Dental Association estimates that sports mouthguards can prevent over 200,000 dental injuries. This year alone, it is estimated that more than 5 million teeth will be knocked out due to sports. Protect your child from sports injuries and chipped or cracked teeth with a mouthguard.

Children who play sports like soccer, baseball, softball, volleyball, skateboarding, martial arts, hockey, or lacrosse should wear a custom mouthguard. Contact sports, where children may be hit by a ball or other players, typically require a mouth guard.

Custom Sports mouthguards in Philadelphia, PA

Benefits of Custom Sports Mouthguards

Dr. Drew Shulman offers custom mouthguards to protect teeth and gums during contact sports. There are many benefits to choosing this common dental treatment versus store-bought, boil and bite options. Custom-fit mouthguards offer many benefits, such as:

  • Protection from tooth loss
  • Protecting dental work from damage
  • Secure and stable fit
  • Reduced chance of concussion

Custom mouthguards are the preferred option, as opposed to the storebought variety. Retail stores sell mouthguards that are one size fits all. However, we know that everyone’s mouth is different and unique. You need a mouthguard that’s customized to your mouth to truly receive all of the benefits a mouthguard can offer.

If your mouthguard doesn’t fit properly, you constantly have to clench your teeth to make sure it stays in your mouth. When this is all you can focus on, it makes it hard to fully commit to the game you’re playing. You aren’t able to communicate with your teammates or take quick water breaks without having to take out your mouthguard.

Clenched teeth can cause other oral health problems, too. If you have a habit of frequently clenching your teeth, it can cause extra stress and pressure on the jaw joint. This can lead to TMJ disorders. The jawbone becomes inflamed and you may experience pain and a loss of function in the joint. It can make popping or clicking sounds when you open and close your mouth, and you may have problems using your jaw properly.

Sports Mouthguards in Philadelphia, PA

Custom-fit professional mouthguards save people from replacing missing teeth or treating chipped and cracked teeth with dental crowns or tooth bonding. A preventative measure like a mouthguard saves money in the long run and reduces the chance of injury or concussion.

Over-the-counter mouthguards that are not custom and can easily fall out during sports games. They may not be as comfortable as professional mouthguards and can even interfere with breathing and speaking.

First, Dr. Shulman will create a mold of your child’s teeth, fabricating a mouthguard that conforms to their mouth. The customized, comfortable fit leads to better compliance and even improved endurance on the field without the need for jaw clenching to keep the mouthguard in place.

You should clean the mouthguard regularly with antibacterial solution and thoroughly clean it once a month. Cleaning the mouthguard prevents bacteria from multiplying and keeps the appliance fresh. Visit our Philadelphia office to save yourself money and save years of restorative work for your child.

Custom Sports Mouthguards FAQs

How long does it take to make a custom mouthguard?

The entire process, from initial dental exam to receiving your new mouthguards, can take between one to two weeks. The longest part is waiting for the mouthguards. A dental lab will fabricate them after your dentist sends the teeth impressions. Once we receive your new custom mouthguards, we will bring you back in for a quick fitting and care instructions.

How often should you replace mouthguard?

They should be replaced after every sports season, or every 6 months. Sports mouthguards of any type are not a one-and-done permanent solution. Mouthguards can lose their shape after constant and heavy use. Replacing them periodically will prevent unnecessary pain from a loose mouthguard, damage to teeth and the mouth.

Can I use a sports mouthguard at night to prevent snoring?

No. We do not recommend using a custom sports mouthguard for anything other than protecting teeth during active sport activity. Sports mouthguards are not meant to be worn for long periods of time, such as overnight. They may cause more issues if you use them improperly. We can however create a night guard that is specifically made to prevent snoring, teeth grinding, and more.

Why do my teeth hurt after wearing a mouthguard?

This can be a sign of an ill-fitting mouthguard, a mouthguard that has lost its shape, or a damaged mouthguard. Stop using your mouth guard if it is causing tooth pain, mouth discomfort, and gum pain or bleeding. Remember, you have to replace them periodically. If your mouthguard is older than the recommended lifespan, it’s time to replace it.

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Does your child need a custom mouthguard to wear while playing sports? Call Dr. Shulman today at his Philadelphia dental office for comfortable and convenient professional treatment. You can reach us at (215) 372-1142 or you can schedule an appointment online. Protect your child’s teeth from injury and save money in the long run.