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Benefits of Dental Implants Philadelphia, PA

No one should ever be too embarrassed to smile. Missing teeth can unfortunately lead to many people feeling self-conscious about their appearance. Thanks to advances in modern dentistry, dentists have the ability to replace missing teeth with natural looking dental implants.

Dental implants have taken traditional restorations such as dentures and bridges to the next level. They are the next best option if you have damage or missing natural teeth. Dr. Drew Shulman is a Philadelphia dentist that offers all types of teeth implants to patients that have missing teeth.

affordable dental implants at Northeast Philadelphia implant dentistry

A dental implant is actually a screw-like titanium post. A trusted oral surgeon surgically places it in the jaw bone. The titanium post will act as the replacement root for the missing tooth restoration. For patients missing just one tooth, your dentist will place a single implant with a dental crown.

For many missing teeth, the dentist may place anywhere from two to eight dental implants and a dental bridge, partial denture or denture. The type of restoration and number of implants you will need depends on the location and number of missing teeth.

Why Choose Dental Implants?

Many benefits to choosing dental implants over other dental restorations exist. The benefits of dental implants are endless and they are truly an investment in your oral health and quality of life. The following are most of the benefits that you can look forward to after getting dental implants from Dr. Shulman.

Improved appearance

When a tooth goes missing, the bone will immediately begin to deteriorate. This will lead to a change in your facial structure, adding years to your overall appearance. Over time this deterioration will lead to the lips folding in while the lower face shrivels inward. Deep wrinkles may also develop around the mouth.

Replacing teeth with implants will stimulate the bone and prevent bone loss, keeping the facial structure intact. Dental implants don’t just replace your teeth, they also improve your appearance.

Most natural solution

Implants are the next best option to natural teeth. They will replace the entire structure of the tooth, including the root. Your smile will look and feel completely natural and no one will even notice it is a fake tooth.

Keeps remaining teeth healthy

Options such as dental bridges will require your adjacent teeth to be ground-down to accommodate the restoration. That means you are degrading teeth that are perfectly healthy and adding stress to them. Replacing your missing teeth with implant secured restorations will not harm your natural, healthy teeth.

High success rate

We often have patients that are worried that implants will not work for them. While there is no guarantee that implants will work for you, they do hold a 98% success rate. Your implants can last a lifetime with proper maintenance and visits to Dr. Shulman at his Philadelphia dental office.

Eliminates embarrassing situations

Dentures have a bad reputation for not fitting properly, slipping around in the mouth, and sometimes even falling out. Since dental implants are permanent, you will not have to worry about these embarrassing situations. Eating, speaking, and smiling will be easy and effortless since they are more durable and stable than dentures.

Allows for a nutritious diet

Traditional restorations will come with food restrictions often eliminating healthy food from your diet. Since implants are stable and durable, they have little to no food and diet restrictions. You will be able to use more force to chew, and eating will feel more natural.

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