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What are the Benefits of Laser Dentistry?

You may have heard about laser dentistry, but not know entirely what it actually is. With technology moving at such a fast pace, laser dentistry can bring many benefits to your experience with your Northeast Philadelphia dentist. Dr. Drew Shulman offers laser dentistry in his practice to help all patients have a better experience at the dentist’s officedentist in northeast philadelphia

What is Laser Dentistry?

Using light and different wavelengths, laser dentistry is used for various dental procedures, like gum surgery and cavity treatment. It’s minimally invasive, leading to it being the preferred way to do these procedures for many patients. Depending on the laser, it can be used for treating hard and soft tissues. Many lasers are specific to just one of them.

Laser dentistry can also treat things like sores and gum inflammation. It can restore and repair damaged nerves and perform root canal treatments. If you suffer from sleep apnea, laser dentistry can safely and easily remove tissues that may be causing your sleep apnea problems.

Depending on the laser, it can be used for other treatments as well. Commonly, it’s used for removing overgrown tissue or reshaping the gums in the case of a gummy smile. Lasers are also used a lot for teeth whitening procedures. If you need a biopsy done or have a benign oral tumor, it can do these things. It’s also used to expose the wisdom teeth for observation and removal.

Laser Dentistry Benefits

Laser dentistry offers a host of benefits to our patients. If you suffer from dental fear or anxiety, this solution is minimally invasive. It also doesn’t make any noises that can cause more anxiety like drills can sometimes do. Treatment using drills is often uncomfortable with patients to deal with. Using the laser instead is more comforting for the patient.

Using the laser instead of a scalpel for surgical treatments cuts down on healing time. Oftentimes, anesthesia is not needed during the treatment itself and sutures aren’t needed afterward. Less damage is done to the gums and there’s less blood. The laser sterilizes the gums during the procedure, leading to less risk of infection. You’ll still have to follow cleaning and care instructions, but the chance of infection is much lower.

Laser Dentistry at Your Dentist in Northeast Philadelphia

Dr. Shulman and the rest of his experienced staff are proud to offer the latest technology to their patients. If you’re suffering from dental anxiety about a needed procedure, or are just ready for a more comfortable form of dental care, call us today or schedule an appointment online!