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Can Dental Crowns Break?

A dental crown is a useful restorative dentistry tool that features a ceramic cap fitting over a structurally damaged tooth. It secures into place with dental cement and offers enhanced appearance and protection for this tooth.

Though durable, a crown is not indestructible. If exposed to abnormally high levels of pressure, it could chip or dislodge from the tooth.

This leaves the underlying tooth vulnerable and will need prompt repair or replacement from a dentist. Read on to find three steps you should take urgently if you sustain damage to your dental crown.

emergency repair for broken dental crowns

What Should I Do If I Damage a Dental Crown?

Call Your Dentist Right Away

When a dentist gives you a dental crown, they must shave a minute amount of the tooth’s enamel to make room for the cap. The crown replaces lost enamel for the tooth. But if the crown breaks or falls off, the inner layers of the tooth could be exposed to external threats.

Some people may notice tooth sensitivity or pain after sustaining harm to their crown. But even if you do not feel pain, you should call your dentist as soon as you can. The tooth could be at risk of cavities and other dental dangers due to the breaking of the protective seal of the crown.

Your dentist can also provide advice over the phone to bring you relief from any discomfort related to this dental injury. If you try to resolve the issue on your own without guidance from your dentist, you could make the problem worse.

Attend Emergency Dentist Appointment

Your dentist will likely ask you to come to their office as soon as possible for an emergency dental evaluation. Bring your broken dental crown with you to this appointment if you can.

When you arrive, your dentist will examine the crown, the affected tooth, and the surrounding areas of the mouth for signs of additional damage. They can provide treatment if necessary. If the damage amounts to a minor chip, the dentist can repair it.

The dentist can put a dislodged crown that is otherwise intact back over the tooth. Then they seal it with dental cement again. If you need a new crown, the dentist can give you a temporary one while the permanent one is being constructed. This can take a few weeks, and you will need to attend another appointment to receive this when completed.

Prevent Further Damage to Your Dental Crown

With a dental crown back in place in your smile, you will want to take precautions to avoid this emergency occurring again. Make sure you practice good oral hygiene to keep your entire smile healthy and clean. Issues like tooth decay and gum disease could impact the integrity of your crown.

Avoid biting down on hard items to preserve your crown too. Chewing ice or the end of a pen could break your dental work, requiring urgent dental repairs.