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Your Dental Implant Recovery

Looking for a comprehensive and highly effective treatment to replace missing teeth? A dental implant can provide durable, long-lasting, and beautiful tooth replacement to eligible patients. Though beneficial, some patients may feel nervous about extensive and invasive dental work like implant dentistry.

Your dentist can provide you with details specific to your unique case when you schedule a dental consultation. But you can also feel more confident about dental implant treatment when you know more about the recovery process from this procedure. Read on to discover what you can expect after you receive a dental implant.

Your Dental Implant Recovery

How Long Does Implant Dentistry Take?

Implant dentistry involves multiple steps that may require three or more appointments at your dentist’s office over the course of several months. First, you must attend an initial consultation in which your dentist will determine if dental implants are the best tooth replacement option for your needs.

Then you will undergo oral surgery for the placement of the titanium post anchor, the foundation that supports the prosthetic teeth of the implant. The dentist places this into the jaw. You can receive as many anchors as needed for your type of dental implant.

After you heal from this surgery, which will take a few months, you return to your dentist to receive your dental prosthetics. They will attach to the anchors via abutment pieces at the gumline. You may also need to attend follow-up appointments to check on your recovery after this procedure.

Will Dental Implants Hurt?

A primary reason people feel nervous about dental work is the anticipation of pain from a procedure. You can feel assured that dentists prioritize your comfort during each step of the implant dentistry process.

The dentist gives you local anesthetic as well as sedation, if you prefer, during oral surgery. This numbs the affected area while also inducing a calm sensation in the patient. In some cases, thanks to sedation, you might be unconscious or have no memory of the surgery.

You might feel sore or uncomfortable when anesthetics wear off after the procedure. But your dentist will give you aftercare instructions that include pain management tips, such as icing to reduce swelling and taking painkillers. Severe pain could point to a complication, so tell your dentist if you experience this symptom.

How Long Do Dental Implants Last?

Dental implants are fixed oral appliances, meaning you cannot take them out of your mouth on your own. The anchors fuse with your jawbone while you heal, establishing permanent support for dental implants.

Thanks to this foundation and the durability of prosthetic teeth, your implants can last for twenty years or longer. The dental prosthetics will resist staining and decay. This way, you can enjoy the aesthetic and structural advantages of this treatment for as long as possible.

Make sure you attend regular dentist appointments to maximize oral health care benefits and ensure your implant functions as well as it should. Poor oral habits or hygiene might put your implant at risk of failure, so do not neglect your dental care.