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How Hydration Helps Oral Health

The human body consists primarily of water, so you must keep yourself hydrated by drinking water if you want to stay healthy. You might not realize that drinking water plays a crucial role in maintaining good oral health as well.

Dentists and health experts agree that you should drink at least eight eight-ounce glasses of water every day in order to keep adequately hydrated. Dehydration can lead to many medical consequences, including for your smile.

You can feel more encouraged to continue drinking the water you need when you know more about the advantages it can bring to the look and feel of your smile. Review these three oral health benefits you will notice in your smile when you drink plenty of water.

How Hydration Helps Oral Health

Give Oral Hygiene a Boost

We must practice consistent oral hygiene to remove naturally occurring build-up from our smiles in a timely fashion. Plaque and other residues will deteriorate your dental structure if left to linger on your smile. So you brush your teeth at least twice each day and floss to get rid of these particles and keep your smile clean.

However, you also consume substances in between your oral hygiene regimens that can contribute to plaque formation. Drinking water will rinse away these particles so that you can keep your mouth cleaner and therefore healthier. This will also reduce your risk of developing bad breath and other unpleasant symptoms.

Fight Dry Mouth Symptoms

Dehydration will affect many aspects of your body, including digestion. If your body lacks water, it will not produce as much saliva. This can leave you with dry mouth, which not only feels uncomfortable but also puts your oral health at risk.

The dry oral environment will allow bacteria to spread more easily. Bacteria can reach your gums and increase your chances of contracting gum disease and other oral infections.

You will need intervention from your dentist to treat gum disease. Otherwise, the infection will worsen and create irreversible dental damage like tooth loss. Prevent gum disease by addressing risk factors like dry mouth. Drink plenty of water to stave off these oral health concerns.

Strengthen Your Teeth

Your teeth feature a hard outer layer called enamel that serves as a protective shield over the more sensitive and vulnerable interior of your teeth. Though durable, enamel may wear down over time, which could increase your risk of cavities and other dental issues. A dentist can treat cavities with a dental filling, but ideally, you should preserve your natural dental structure for as long as possible.

Consuming nutritious foods in your diet can help keep your teeth strong enough to resist enamel erosion. But drinking tap water can also boost your dental structure because it frequently contains fluoride.

This natural mineral will absorb into the tooth enamel as you consume it and will fortify the teeth, allowing them to better fight off tooth decay. Avoid serious dental damage by taking these preventative measures like drinking water. Learn more about preventative dentistry by giving your dentist a call today.