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Dental Care After Implant Treatment

Dental implants will offer highly comprehensive restorative benefits as a tooth replacement solution to patients suffering from tooth loss. Many patients appreciate that implants can permanently replace missing teeth and remain firmly in place in the smile as they continue their usual oral functions.

However, some people may wonder how introducing implants to their smiles will affect other dental treatments. You can rest assured that you can still receive the oral healthcare that you need after you receive dental implants.

Dental implants can affect your eligibility for certain cosmetic dental treatments. So make sure you discuss your smile aesthetic goals with your dentist before you begin implant dentistry treatment. Read on to learn details about how implants can affect other types of dental procedures.

Dental Care After Implant Treatment

Can I Whiten My Dental Implants?

Many people aspire to maintain a bright and pearly white smile, but certain factors can make your teeth darken or yellow over time. When you receive a dental implant, your dentist will make sure to give you a dental prosthetic with a tooth color that looks beautiful and natural in your smile.

If you develop dental discoloration, your dentist can recommend certain teeth whitening treatments to enhance the color of your smile. But dental implants will not respond to the bleaching ingredients in whitening treatments, meaning you cannot brighten the color of implants this way. If you want to change the color of your implant, you will need a dentist to replace the prosthetic tooth.

Your dentist can whiten teeth around dental implants in most cases though. Learn more about how to best brighten your smile when you book a cosmetic dental consultation.

Will Dental Implants Respond to Invisalign Treatment?

A straight smile will look beautiful and also enhance your ability to keep your teeth clean. A dentist can recommend Invisalign aligners that can gradually push your teeth into a desired straight alignment.

These custom-made trays worn over the teeth will encourage the teeth to move where needed. But if you have dental implants, they will not respond to Invisalign treatment.

Implants stay in place in the mouth because the implanted anchor fuses with the jawbone. This means that once in place, they cannot move. If you want to pursue teeth straightening treatment, you may want to do so before implant dentistry.

How Does a Dentist Treat Cavities Near Dental Implants?

Dental implants will not develop decay like natural teeth. But the remaining teeth could form a cavity, which will require intervention from your dentist. If you form a cavity between your teeth and an implant, how can your dentist treat the issue?

If necessary, a dentist can remove a prosthetic tooth to access and treat stubborn decay. Then they can put it right back in place after the simple cavity treatment.

You will have no trouble receiving the oral healthcare you need when you have implants in place. If you have questions about how implants will affect your dental care, give your dentist a call.