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Can I Get More Than One Dental Implant?

Tooth loss can create many inconveniences for dental patients. Not only will it impact the look and feel of their smiles, but tooth loss can occur unevenly. You may lose more than one tooth in completely separate areas of your mouth. With this issue in mind, you may worry that restoring your smile can become complicated.

However, you can relax knowing your dentist can restore your smile with long-lasting results with dental implants. They offer several types of dental implants to suit your unique needs.

Many patients can also qualify for multiple implants if that’s what it takes to fully rebuild their smiles. If you want to restore your smile, consult with your dentist to learn about the best method of achieving your smile goals. Read on to learn more about how patients seeking tooth replacement can benefit from more than one dental implant.

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Am I Eligible for More Than One Dental Implant?

Though implant dentistry provides highly beneficial results for patients, not everyone can qualify for this treatment. In fact, some patients might prefer a removable appliance to replace missing teeth, though it will not give them as many advantages as a fixed option. Dental implants will cost more than dentures, so patients should discuss their budget with their dentist before this treatment.

Implants feature an anchor that a dentist surgically places into the jaw. There, it fuses to the jawbone to provide permanent support for the prosthetic device.

In order to successfully secure the anchor, the patient must possess an adequate amount of healthy bone in the jaw. For patients seeking more than one implant, a stable foundation from the jawbone is especially crucial.

Jawbone may deteriorate after tooth loss, so a dentist will check your jaw health before they decide if you have enough structure to sustain an implant. If not, your dentist can discuss other restorative dental options with you.

Can I Receive Multiple Implants in One Procedure?

If you lose several teeth in a row, your dentist can use one dental implant – an implant-supported bridge or denture – to rebuild your smile. However, losing more than one tooth in different spots in the mouth will need more than one appliance to fully restore your smile.

You may worry that needing multiple dental implants will mean you need multiple surgeries that can stretch many months or years into your treatment. But your dentist can place multiple anchors that can support more than one appliance within a single oral surgery.

These surgical sites will still take a few months to heal. But when your recovery is complete, you can receive each of the prosthetics that you need in one session with your dentist.

Whether you require a crown, bridge, or denture attached to the anchors, your dentist can secure them into place. Your dentist can give you a thorough description of your unique treatment plan when you schedule a consult. Find a tooth replacement solution that best suits your case by calling your Philadelphia dentist today at 215.372.1142.